Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Dessert Entry

I went to the redwood forest, and I looked up, and I cried.

I ran back home and called the phone company and said that there telephone pole was damaged, and when the telephone pole repair guy came along I offered him some of my famous key lime pie, and he ate it, but it had cough syrup extracts in it, so he fell asleep and I took his pole-climbing swing tool and went back to the redwood and climbed it.

Because it was so beautiful, those trees.

And up at the top of the trees, there was a hollow in one of the trunks. I went inside, and found a community of badgers there. They were artist badgers.

Badger art is really bad, but they are generous with their vanilla shakes, which are made with real vanilla.

I want to get them something nice to let them know I appreciate their kindness. What's a nice thing to get for artist badgers?
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