Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The last appeal of tyrants

According to the sensors I was given by the Asylum Vigilante Clan, the world's greatest poet is living in Malawi. None of her works are online, but I gave her a phone call. She was really nice, and her English was perfect, with a lilting British clip to it.

I asked about her poetry. She read some to me, but it was in Chechewa, which I hardly know at all. So, I asked for a translation into English. She laughed and explained that it was actually a translation of Robert Frost's "Something Like A Star."

All she does is translate other great works into Chechewa. Shakespeare's aching soliloquies and Basho's enigmatic haiku, Rumi's devotional love poetry and Bukowski's inspired blasphemies, Ovid's myths and Lao-Tse's lessons. She captures the soul of the poem, distills it, and creates the exact same experience for the Chechewaphone audience.

"Have you ever thought about creating your own poems?" I asked.

"Sometimes, but I don't really see the point. There's not many things I'd want to say that haven't been said in another poem. It's not like Shakespeare ever made up his own plot. Besides, I feel like I'm doing a good thing, and it's a wonderful creative outlet."

"Huh. Okay. Well, who's your favorite poet?" I asked.

She laughed humbly. "Me."
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