Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I saw you there.

I was walking the sidewalk downtown, grey streets streaked and peppers with bright neon lights. Man-made places all have messages. Some say "You are welcome here" and some say "Here we are prosperous" and some say "Outsiders beware - we take care of our own." This particular downtown region said only, "This is a really big city - make no mistake."

Sometimes I wish I had an English to City phrase book. It seems like it would be helpful for asking where the bathroom is. Sometimes I remember that I used to have one, but I lent it out to a college roommate and never got it back. On the other hand, I could be misremembering.

In any case, there I was walking down the sidewalk in the city. I saw you there, on television, on the widescreen television of a bar, as I was walking by. I was surprised and I had to stop and watch for a little while.

What were you doing, exactly? It was really unclear.
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