Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Warm Feet, Full Belly

For the past few days, I have been having lunch in a nearby park. Every day so far, the same man has been sitting at the other picnic table, staring intently at a pink sock and a pomegranite. He seemed otherwise reasonable - he nodded hello, was aware of his surrounding, and so forth - but he was intent upon the sock and the fruit.

I know it's nosy, but I had to ask, "So, what are you doing with the fruit and the sock?"

He looked up and smiled, "Well, I'm trying to construct a statement that's objectively true. I mean, true beyond doubt. Something that Descartes and Spinoza would hear and say, 'Yep, definitely true.'"

"Oh," I said, "That sounds good. So, uh, why the pink sock and the pomegranite, then?"

"It's easier to make objective statements about socks and fruit," he said firmly.

"Really?" I asked. Maybe he was on to something!

Alas. He sighed heavily, "No, I can't back that up. I'm not sure of that either."
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