Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Worst five dollars I ever spent

So, after much pressure from folks on my friends list (and you know who you are) I finally tried the new pudding that's going around. Yeah, that one. Plemmer's Plum Pilot Pudding. I'm sure you've seen the reviews already, but I just had to chip in:

Worst five dollars I ever spent. Hands down.

Admittedly, it is easy to make, as advertised. And it's as delicious as everybody says. And, as advertised, eating a small bowl of it will make you a fully skilled and licensed aircraft pilot for the next forty-eight hours.

Everyone rants about that, and for that much, I'll give full credit.

There's just two problems.

First, airplanes are very expensive! Owning and maintaining one is a huge cost, and rental rates aren't exactly easy on the budget either. But that's a pretty minor concern.

The second problem is the doozy. The big, overwhelming, in-my-face problem with this so-called "culinary miracle" is, for those precious forty-eight hours, I become a boorish expert on flight! I just can't stop myself! It's all pilot this, and landing that. I can't have a friendly hello without droning on and on about the comparative merits of Piper and Cessna. I even bore other pilots. Maybe it's me, and maybe it's the pudding, but either way, it's intolerable. I'm intolerable!

For my part, I think from now on I'll stick with flan and paying someone else to fly me, thank you very much. If I want to be a pilot, I'll do it the old-fashioned way and just take lessons.
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