Ted (merovingian) wrote,


Verse One: Your Recycling is separated from normal trash and placed in a separate container.

Verse Two: The municipal garbage company picks up the trash, but a separate truck picks up your Recycling. Your Recycling is taken to a Recycling Center.

Verse Three: At the Recycling Center, a Black-Winged Bird picks up your Recycling, piece by piece, and flies to the Mountain Beneath the Sea.

Verse Four: In the Mountain Beneath the Sea, your Recycling is judged, based on its materials, conditions, good deeds, sins and valour.

Verse Five: Recycling that is judged worthy is picked apart by the Black-Winged Bird, and rebuilt into new components of The Great Machine, which is what makes string theory and amino acids work.

Verse Six: Recycling that is judged unworthy is reborn into the world, as containers, furniture, clothing, industrial parts, and many other uses.

Verse Seven: If the Evil Giants ever discover the true name of the Black-Winged Bird, your Recycling will become vile, and ferocious, and hungry for the blood of humans.

Verse Eight: Be sure to put your Recycling where it belongs, or it will come for you on the terrible night when the Evil Giants discover that name.
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