Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Burden of Grace

A buddy of mine got in a car accident, and now he has a dilemma. He took a polaroid picture of his car to show the damage, and the photo turned out to be perfect.

I mean, artistically. The color, the angle, the lighting. He's actually usually a mediocre photographer, but this is the most beautiful and expressive photo I've ever seen. Pure chance, I suspect, but what grace!

"I couldn't send this into my insurance office," he said, "They'd file it away and forget it forever."

Why not make a photocopy? Or just take another picture?

"It wouldn't be as good as this one," he whined, "This photograph is special. An imitation would sully it."

Sell it to a museum or something?

"Then I couldn't get my car fixed!"
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