Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Virtual Economy!

The upstanding and Cobra-commanding prester_scott pointed out the following link to me:
Virtual economies attract real-world tax attention

Well, I'm starting my own virtual economy. Right now, in this LJ entry.

Anyone who posts a comment in this journal will immediately get ONE MILLION ZOG-DOLLARS! (once per account only)

shadesong: Z$1,899,900
jholloway: Z$1,500,000
tacit: Z$1,311,000
ineffabelle: Z$1,205,250
merovingian: Z$1,174,805
blackbeltduck: Z$1,100,000
bitterjesus: Z$1,099,000
fidelity_astro: Z$1,014,200
nadyalec: Z$1,003,200
elynne: Z$1,002,050
benhimself: Z$1,001,000
baronmind: Z$900,500
prikaza: Z$1,000,000
chuck_lw: Z$1,000,000
gruggach: Z$1,000,000
datan0de: Z$1,000,000
inner_geek_girl: Z$1,000,000
elainegrey: Z$1,000,000
beetiger: Z$1,000,000
pedzing: Z$1,000,000
cultureulterior: Z$1,000,000
perlandria: Z$1,000,000
balothejester: Z$1,000,000
ianhess: Z$1,000,000
cnoocy: Z$1,000,000
splicer: Z$1,000,000
earthdog: Z$1,000,000
kinkyturtle: Z$1,000,000
jotasbrane: Z$1,000,000
(Yerrik): Z$1,100,000
cityratbuddy: Z$999,950
commonreader: Z$999,900
tinymammoth: Z$994,000
prester_scott: Z$799,050
dracunculus: Z$699,000
ronebofh: Z$100
gaycowboys: Z$0
crisper: Z$0
sinboy: Z$0
crazyunlikeafox: Z$0
The Krondar Foundation: Z$100,000
p_fish: Z$999,985
tsgeisel: $1,000,005
coyotegoth: $1,000,000
benrosenbaum: $1,000,000

Zog-dollars exist only within the context of this LJ entry, and its comments. They can be used to buy made-up items described in comments. Also, you can transfer them to other people by saying so in a comment. If you want to sell the zog-dollars for real dollars on eBay or something, feel free. Actually, I encourage it. The first person to successfully auction off any zog-dollars on eBay for real money gets ONE BILLION ZOG-DOLLARS.

Let the virtual economy begin!
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