Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Due Diligence

There were nineteen of them -- all made of little bones and rubber bands, all dancing creepy little jigs like the laughing dead. Nineteen of them all in a circle, and they didn't seem to notice I was there. Chicken bones or finger bones; I couldn't tell which, but if they were fingerbones, it was which finger.

Get offa my porch! But they ignored me.

I felt laughed at a little, so I brought out the magnets. Twenty-two magnets in a big little Stonehenge ring around their own circle of nineteen. They didn't notice the difference, and that's fair I guess, but I felt a little less ridiculous. Sometimes it's important to do something, even something useless. Some call it due diligence, and some call it inertia, but I think of it as escape from inertia.

Oh, I'm sure someone will happen by, and they'll kick the magnets over. Maybe they'll kick over the bratty little bone dancers, too, and wouldn't that be nice. I'm not asking for permanence - just a lack of paralysis.

We have feet for a reason, you know.
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