Ted (merovingian) wrote,

At The Center

I was at the Horror Movie Victims' Center this weekend. They do a lot of good for the fictional-character community. They have classes on how to split up to search the area, principles of basement exploration, abstinence education, and emergency showers. They also host meet-and-greets for creepy little kids, funraisers for people who lost their homes to Hellgates, and so on.

They have a little shop. They sell candles, spare fuses and tire kits, English-to-Ancient-Evil dictionaries, and memorabilia. I wanted to support what they do, so I bought one of those posters with an encouraging scene and some words of wisdom. It shows someone running away from a blurry but menacing wolf-thing, and the text below says:

Getting away is 10% desperation, 90% respiration."
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