Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Those horrible eyes in the public park, all brass, looming over the natural amphitheater. No one even notices them until I point them out, because they're so subtle, and no one else seems bothered by them, but there they are. I have a hatred, generally, of abstract public art. What was once a challenging and dramatic movement in art has become a safe way to decorate things without risking any actual statement. I associate most public art with kind of a bland kind of corporate nonstatement.

But those eyes in the part, those huge eyes that watch over the natural amphitheater, they're something different. I don't know how they manage to have outdoor Shakespeare comedies for kids in that place. Maybe they just don't notice those enormous baleful eyes.

I tried going there a few times, to glare back and to challenge them, and they won out every time, and I found myself more and more afraid to go there.

So this time I brought friends, and warm soup, and my comfy pajamas, and every big of psychic insulation I could bring to bear. Also a kitten, and some mittens, and some comic books, and some birthday presents I hadn't opened in July. Locked and loaded, I got up there and I stared back at those eyes. I tightened my lip and squared my shoulders and I just kept staring back.

And the eyes blinked and looked away.

HA! I win, giant creepy brass eyes. This amphitheater is mine now.
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