Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Personality Test

When I woke up this morning, the sky was thick with skywriting planes, like tiny insects over swampwater.

Five minutes later, they were finished writing. It was a personality test.

After five more minutes, the sky had lapsed into normal clouds. Early risers: does this happen every morning?

Here's the text:

Question One: Based on what criteria do you purchase shampoo?

Question Two: What good thing do you hate?

Question Three: During the Great Schism, the Catholic Church had two, then three, persons supported by large factions as Pope. If you could ask each only one question to determine relative worth, what would that question be? Assume you are in Avignon on a sunny day.

Scoring: For each correct answer, give 1 point.

0: You are analytical and friendly. Your totem is the capybara.

1: You have more in common with Scientologists than you would guess at first. Your aura is green.

2: You are descnded from a sea monster and it shows in your strong will and empathy.

3: Your personality type is objectively better than zero through two. Also, you are probably intuitive, an above-average driver, and like good music.

Please skywrite your results.
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