Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Today I went to the pier. A fisherman was lounging lonely on the end of a dock. He nodded at me as I approached him, just faintly enough that I wasn't sure it happened.

I sat next to him. He seemed kind of annoyed at my uninvited presence, but didn't say anything.

He caught something. I had thought that maybe he would start getting excited when he had a bite, but no such luck. He reeled in his catch with silent detachment.

He caught a tiny little boat, not bigger than a football. There were people on the boat, two inches tall. I expected he would share my amazement but of course he didn't. He pulled the boat off the hook, ate the tiny screaming people who were aboard, and threw the boat back into the water, where it sank with a bubble trail.

I ran home crying.
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