Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Gel Entry

"For your next level of enlightenment, you must answer our riddle," They said.

So I did what I'd done for the first seven levels; I approached someone on the sidewalk.

"What do the words beast, trash, plunder, lout and rex have in common?" I asked the man in the grey suit.

"Once," he said sadly, "I was the Chorus of Greek tragedy. The Chorus was omnipotent. I could topple nations with a word, bring men to life or death, reunite lost loved ones, or slay heroes with no hope of recourse. I could make ten years pass in a single couplet."

I got the feeling that he wasn't going to give me my answer, but I didn't want to be rude.

"Today, the chorus has a humiliating role. The chorus is expected to echo the words of the lead singer. The protagonist is without a world to give challenge, just a sycophantic team of yes-men. What is left for a hero in a world already conquered?"

I snarled a reply, "I can spare no pity for those who complain that their hold on omnipotence is obsolete. Water will always erode stone, and I spare the stone no tears."
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