Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Make Money Fast!

askme4hotstox113618424: Hey, Merovingian , long time no see! Dude, check out this COOL! stock tip at http://notjunkatall.com/113618424 where you can MAKE MONEY FAST! Just click here!

Merovingian: I am excited about your product or service. Please tell me more.

askme4hotstox113618424: Um, excuse me?

Merovingian: That sounds exciting. I'd really like to make money fast. I tried clicking there, but didn't get a link.

askme4hotstox113618424: Hold on one moment.

askme4hotstox113618424: Hey, I just got together with some of my friends and got really wild for my 18th birthday party! My girlfriends got it all on camera - check out http://notjunkatall.com/113618424 for the whole thing on streaming video!

Merovingian: Wow. Sounds like an exciting party, but the link isn't working.

askme4hotstox113618424: Wait. I meant to say that you can make thousands of dollars in your own home with our super new business plan!

Merovingian: Hey, interesting. What's the new business plan?

askme4hotstox113618424: ....I'm not sure I understand the question.

Merovingian: The new business plan you mentioned. What is it?

askme4hotstox113618424: As per your request. Find out the REAL DIRT on ANYONE with new SUPER SPY Detective software! Go to http://notjunkatall.com/113618424

Merovingian: What a useful resource! I'll take it!

askme4hotstox113618424: I don't think you understand. THIS IS NOT SPAM! We're offering FREE FLORIDA VACATIONS!

Merovingian: Great! Vacations, a business plan, private videos, and stock tips? Wow. Thanks! I really appreciate it!

askme4hotstox113618424: GET VIAGRA ONLINE! Find out the REAL DIRT on ANYONE ! ! ! ! ! *** ONE TIME OFFER ONLY ***

Merovingian: Okay, I'll take it!

askme4hotstox113618424: You mean you're not irked at all by our HOT ONLINE GAMBLING OPPORTUNITY!!!!! >>AS SEEN ON TV<< ?

Merovingian: Hey, online gambling! There's an idea!

askme4hotstox113618424: Perhaps you misheard me. GET BEANIE BABIES ONLINE!!! (113618424) This message is not spam, and is in compliance with Congressional distribution laws. To be removed, call 1-900-424-1884. That doesn't cause you any discomfort or hatred?

Merovingian: Well, if it's in Congressional mass email laws, who am I to argue?

askme4hotstox113618424: Not even the most miniscule, life-nourishing tidbit of hatred or discomfort?

Merovingian: No, actually.... hey, hold on a second. Is the whole epidemic of spam actually some sinister alien plot to gather hate and frustration towards a central node - to harness the psychic resonances of the annoyance to power some sort of emotionally vampiric entity?

askme4hotstox113618424: Send your postcards to Craig Shergold? Make money fast? Anything? Please?
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