Ted (merovingian) wrote,

You've Chosen Your Own Adventure, Now You Have To Sleep In It

At about four-thirty this morning, I was in the grocery store, buying gift certificates. There were two men in front of me, perhaps sixty years old.

The taller one said, "You know, the color yellow wasn't invented until 1931. It was developed by the Coca-Cola Corporation as a marketing ploy."

The shorter one nodded in agreement, and thought for a while, then replied, "You know, the fact that the color yellow wasn't invented until 1931? The Wal-Mart Corporation invented that fact in 1977 as a way to attract customer interest."

Then they both turned to me, quietly staring, as if expecting a response.

What is your favorite group of pre-1985 science fiction villain minions?

What would they do under these circustances?

Please describe your new Law.

Reader feedback: What would you change about this journal if you could?

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