Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Black Powder Weaponry!

I asked the little girl at the lemonade stand, "What would you say if I told you that more people are using black powder weapons today than 200 years ago?"

"Hmmm." The little girl brushed her dirty blonde hair off her face and chewed on her thumb while she thought about it. "I suppose that kind of factoid is easily digestible, since it's fun and ironic but justifiable. It sort of makes facile commentary on modern life, since it implies that a life-or-death tool has become an obscure hobby, which, because of population growth, has surpassed the original use in pure numbers. One could say that the world has become so much bigger that historians outnumber historical figures, and it's clever enough that nobody wants to challenge it. Still, I would want to know your sources."

I scowled, gave her seventy-five cents, and got my darn lemonade.

It was tasty.
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