Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Party Invite

Last week's party was a big success, so I am throwing another one! It'll be this Thursday at 1am until 7am or so. The theme, as you might expect, is "Voodoo Teddy Roosevelt Under the Sea" and costumes are mandatory.

I know I shouldn't have to mention it, but duelling is inappropriate and unwelcome. Leave your bloodthirsty arrogant pride at the door. I am still in a lot of trouble from the "Aaron Burr in Space" party last month. If you find you must have a duel (and I discourage it) please make it to first blood only, and out on the patio where there's newspaper set down already!

We will be having a live band as well. Please avoid direct eye contact with them.

Where: St. Tomas Island, usual location
When: Thursday 1am-7am
Directions: Wear the vestments. Join the drum. There is no safety at the gate.

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