Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Stupid Aliens! The search for bunt and bigarette.

"I believe that there's aliens watching over us, guiding our actions, but that they're stupid," he said.

"Can you justify that?" I said. I like challenging people who have opinions, but hate it when their response includes hypertext links.

"I sure can," he replied confidently. "The British comedy troupe Monty Python had a skit in which a character is comically unable to pronounce the letter C, so he uses the letter B instead. He can pronounce the letter K just fine, though. This exact same practice - pronouncing the letter C as B - later became a very real tradition among one of the largest gangs in the U.S. How can you explain that? Don't you dare say it's just a coincidence."

"Well, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation."

It all makes sense, you see, because...

Both the Bloods and Monty Python were tapping into the archetype of "The Hero Who Uses B Instead Of C" in the collective unconscious. Joseph Campbell totally said so.
There's aliens watching over us, guiding our actions, but they're stupid.
The founding members of the Bloods were tremendous fans of Monty Python, especially their Hollywood Bowl special, and wanted to honor them with their own traditions.
The founding members of Monty Python were tremendous fans of US African-American gangs, especially the Bloods, and wished to honor them with a throw-away speech-impediment gag.
Bobby Lavender is Eric Idle.
Using B instead of C is intrinsically ridiculous in British culture, but deadly serious in American culture.

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