Ted (merovingian) wrote,

November Haunted Houses Are The Best

November haunted houses are the worst.
I went to one, to see, the other day.
And inside that old house I found a ghost.
But not a simple ordinary ghost!
Instead, it was a Utah Raptor ghost.

I said "A Utah Raptor? What is this?"

"The dinosaurs died too, you know," it said.

"Well, then, I guess, you've got a right to haunt."

It wasn't very spooky, though, the ghost.
More campy than a bringer-on of fear.

"I've got to hand it to you humans, though,
You've done a pretty job with sapience.
You want to know how we became extinct?
'Twas sapience. We lasted twenty years.
You're doing great!" the Utah Raptor said.

I thought about the ghostly raptor's words,
And maybe felt hope for the human race.
But then I noticed - that ghost was a fake!
'Twas just a Utah Raptor in a sheet,
with holes cut in it - not a ghost at all!

And so I left, and took my money back.
I have no tolerance for all those fakes!
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