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Baring my soul in the way that only music can

I feel like these lyrics exactly express my mood right now.

Now, listen to a story of a Murphy called Ed,
Poor black comedian, barely kept his habit fed,
And then one day he was shootin' at some food,
When up from the ground came a-bubblin' crude!

(Language, that is,
Strong sexual content,
Parental Advisory Recommended)

Well, the next thing you know,
Old Ed's a millionaire.
The kinfolk say
"Ed, move off the live air!"
They said
"California is the place you oughtta be!"
So he loaded up the truck
And he starred in Beverly...

(Hills Cop, that is,
Swimming Pools,
Predictable but Unconvincing Plot Twists)

(cue banjo solo, playing the tune of "Axel F")

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