Ted (merovingian) wrote,

"Looking up is as frightening as looking down" -David Byrne

I live in a suburb, but it's kind of a "woodsy" suburb, you know? There's tall trees on the road, and a few big ones in every back yard, so it looks like, from above, it might seem to be a sparse forest.

I decided to test that. I went to the airport and hired a helicopter to check.

On top of the trees in my neighborhood, unseen to the residential middle-class below, was a quaint little hut. I noted which trees were supporting it and was done.

The next day, I went to that tree and noticed the ridges of the tree bar formed a tiny ladder. So I climbed up.

I was expecting people. Instead I found a map of the area, with different charts gauging where the cellular towers of different companies stood. The patterns of geography of dead zones and bright zones formed a beautiful, intricate design. New dragon lines and nexus points, shars and necropoles, all drawn in the multicolored maps of the strength of the pulse of different frequencies of the invisible.

The person who was drafting the maps also left a half-finished Pepsi by the drafting table.

The next day, the whole thing was gone.

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