Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Movie Review: Reflections

Reflections is a surprisingly high-production-value independent movie, viewed entirely from the perspective of a bathroom mirror in the home of a couple whose marriage is falling apart.

While there are some long, somewhat pregnant pauses when nobody is in the bathroom, the mirror sees a lot of things. Surprising trysts, before-bed monologues to the mirror, affirmations, unexpected visitors, arguments, and, in the end, a shocking murder.

It's kind of a limited concept, but well-executed. Most of the story is told by implication, and well-balanced, believable, tense and compelling. I loved the movie, until I saw an interview with the writer-director.

"I made it from the perspective of the mirror because that's where the vulture-dogs live," he said. "I wanted to show how humans must seem to them."

He explained that the vulture-dogs from beyond the mirror want us to perform the following daily exercise regimen:

Exercise One: Lift increasingly large cubes of vanadium.

Exercise Two: Stare at a single flower for two hours without looking away, while sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

Exercise Three: Take fifteen red bricks and balance them on top of each other. Pretend there's an ape on top of them, and fight that ape.

Exercise Four: Shout at top volume for as long as possible, while treading water, with eyes closed.

Exercise Five: Sort pebbles.

I'm going to start the exercise program tomorrow, but just to prove how stupid it is.

That is my review of the 2002 independently produced movie, Reflections.
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