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Three-Toed Triumvirate of Primary Color Faces of Eve

Some people say that carrot juice and chick'n nuggets is the key to salvation. I say it's standardized tests with difficult-to-interpret results.

When you hear the word "lush", what do you think of?


When you think of the word you picked above, what word comes to mind next?

Bay Area Resident s Only: If I started a gasoline bulk-buying club, would you join?

Non-Bay Area Residents Only: Please complete the following joke. Two turtles are get on a boat without realizing it, and then, again without realizing it, leave onto an island when the boat docks. The boat owners leave, without ever having seen the turtles. The turtles become aware of their condition, and, in fact, become completely self-aware. The first turtle says to the second, "I believe that, since we are suddenly enlightened turtles, we could begin an enlightened democracy on this island. We have all the resources we need, our physical protection is certain, and the journey of self-awareness we've begun can only grow greater over time. What do you think? Should we found a nation together? Would our children carry on the sapience which we've suddenly found ourselves possessing?" The second turtle turns to the first turtle and says....


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