Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Number Secrets Revealed!

I was driving along a lonely highway last night, and stopped to get gasoline. There was another car at the station - a pristine '57 Chevy, all coated with chrome and bright paint and fins, polished to obsession. The woman pumping the gas was a handsome woman in her late fifties, who smiled.

"Tell me the secrets of the universe," I asked her. It just slipped. It's something I do sometimes.

"Oh!" she said, surprised, "It's fortunate you asked me, and not just some random person along the road. I happen to know them."

What luck!

"The secret is in the numbers. Objects with the same number correspond. For instance, there are four seasons, and four basic food groups. Each of the basic food groups must then correspond to a season."

"How does that work?" I asked her.

"It's one of the building blocks of the universe. For every Beatle there's a corresponding suit of cards, for every planet there's a Norn, for every type of mining found in Utah there's a corresponding type of fugu fish legal to prepare in Japan."

"How did you just speak in hyperlinks?" I asked her.

"I'll give you a hint," she said with a wink, "John Lennon was spades."

Poll #254625 Test Your Power of Modern Gematria

BEGINNER: For every Stooge, there's a corresponding...

For every Basic Food Group, there's a corresponding...

For each of the Seven Seas, there's a corresponding...

INTERMEDIATE: For every finger on the hand, there's a corresponding...

For every Lord-A-Leaping, there's a corresponding...

For every month, there's a corresponding...

ADVANCED: For every chromosome of a single strand of human DNA, there's a corresponding...

For every key of a piano, there's a corresponding...

EXPERT: For every member of the null set, there's a corresponding...

Scoring: 1 for each basic question, 2 for each intermediate question, 3 for each advanced question, 4 for each expert question.

I drove on, and reached my destination.
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