Ted (merovingian) wrote,

More Job Hassles!

Geez, I have so much to do this week. When I first took up bank robbing, I thought it would be all cool and stuff, and I guess it is, but it's such a hassle!

I need to:
1. Arrange a meeting place where the Columbians and the cops can't spy on us, but that can't be traced back to me.
2. Bust the safecracker out of jail, the convince his hypnotist to help him feel safe with crime again.
3. Train three killer whales.
4. Ship four kilos of C-4 to my man on the inside, and convince him to settle for an even take.
5. Get the driver a new car, modified to work on land and water. Then find some way to get her to stop drinking for a full 24 hours so she'll be able to make the getaway.
6. Figure out what the killer whales are supposed to do.
7. Convince the mechanic to build me a powered exoskeleton again.
8. Find a way to unlock the sharpshooter's latent talent, without angering her family.
9. Hold a thank-you barbecue for everyone.
10. Find sleek black leather outfits for the team. And really good boots.

There's really not enough hours in the day to do this on time. Bank jobs just leave me so tired. What do y'all do when you're in a rush?
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