Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I went to a career counselor today, and he suggested I consider working as an Ethical Mugger.

Here's the description:

Select, at great effort, those who would benefit from being mugged - for instance, those who would come to appreciate their life more because of the near-death experience, or those who would have otherwise engaged in extremely unhealthy behavior if not frightened by the mugging experience. Once these individuals have been selected, rob them at gunpoint near a bank. Invest this money soundly, covering the victim's bills and payments, and returning the money with an interest rate higher than the victim would be able to get themselves. Keep a small portion of this for yourself.

I decided that this job wasn't ethical at all, and got mad at the career counselor.

"Actually," said the counselor, "I'm a gedanke career experiment counselor. The real career counselor is out today. I love my job. Have you considered working as a subway engineer who must kill one person in a tunnel collapse to save ten?"

I left in a huff.

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What is your ideal fictional theoretical job?

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