Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Air and Sawdust, New High Technology From the Depression Era

I needed some pykrete or some aerogel for a home project, so I visited my next door neighbor, to see if she had any extra. She's an inventor.

She was in the garage, working on her new invention.

"I'm trying to create a mosquito that drinks your blood but doesn't cause a painful bump afterwards," she said, "My plan is to engineer this painfree mosquito so it's so much more fecund, long-lived and just plain efficient that it replaces the existing species of mosquito entirely."

"Oh, I can't see any way that could go wrong," I commented sarcastically.

She missed the sarcasm entirely. "Actually, I've already had a problem with it."


"Well, I managed to figure out a way to communicate with mosquitoes. It turns out they're really, really nice. I mean, they suck blood, cause bumps and sometimes maybe even carry disease, but they don't mean to cause any harm with it. They actually had no idea the bumps even happened - the mosquitoes have said thank you and left by then. The mosquito was horrified that it had caused anyone any harm."

"Well," I mused, "Is that moral, then?"

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