Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Teenagers in New York!

There are six teenage girls who live in Manningham, Alabama, and attend nearby Greenville High School. They're normal, fairly happy girl. They've been friends since sixth grade; originally they were also friends with Carol, but her family moved to New York.

In Glasgow, Montana, there's a completely separate circle of friends. There's only four of them, and they're all on the girl's track team. They're a grade ahead of the girls in Alabama. They'll be graduating next year.

Both groups have, over time spent together, developed slang that nobody else uses - exactly a dozen words each. As luck would have it, the words used by the kids in Manningham all mean the exact opposite of what they mean to those in Glasgow. To the girls of Manningham, a "shark" is a really attractive guy, but in Glasgow, the same term would be used to describe an ugly one. If one of the girls in Glasgow said that she was feeling "on the floor," she'd mean that she was feeling successful and in control of her situation, while a girl in Manningham would say that only if things were unstable and miserable. A teacher who grades easily and is friendly in Glasgow would be called a "big bear," while a harsh grader would be called a "blizzard." In Manningham, it's the other way around. And so on.

One of the girls from Manningham flies into JFK Airport in New York, to visit Carol, while another girl is flying in from Glasgow (well, actually Billings, since that's where the airport is) for a college visit to Columbia.

They see each other in the airport.

What happens next?

They smile and walk on.
They recognize each other on sight and immediately fight to the death.
They happen to buy a snowglobe at the same store.
One of the girls attempts to compliment the other, but insults her instead.
They produce high-energy meson particles and destroy the planet.
They ignore each other.
They strike up a conversation about the fact that it's the first time both of them are in the Big Apple.
From that day forward, both of them can speak only Sanskrit.
It turns out they were both goldfish all along.
They both write poems about it in their LiveJournals.
Other (please specify below)

Other (please specify)

Check all that apply.

I have been to Glasgow, Montana.
I have been to Greenville, Alabama.
This post has nothing to do with the ghost of Lord Byron's daughter, and therefore I demand a recount.

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