Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Last night I was picking up a friend from the airport, and while I was waiting for her, I bought a little Statue of Liberty that said "California" on it. On the way home, I got stopped for having my car unregistered. The cop saw the little plastic figurine, and told me he'd walk away if he could keep the figurine.

It's a deal.

Today, I was driving around in Sacramento and going a little bit too fast, so I'd be able to match pace and outrace the yellow lights on the streets, when I got pulled over for speeding. On a whim, I offered the officer a little snowglobe from a Disney movie. The guy took it and walked away.

Today, I'm hitting the antique stores, airports, and industry conventions. Then I'm going to rob a bank.

I think I can make a deal.
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