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Yo amo bailarinas y caballos.

I went down to the Luchador recruitment agency the other day to get a job as a Mexican wrestler, since I need an alternative to the fading pirate vs. ninja debate.

"How are your vampire-fighting skills?" the interviewer asked.

"I was here for the wrestling job, actually. I am mas macho," I replied.

"I see. Well, that's a plus - being mas macho, I mean. It's too bad about the vampires, though. In any case, this job will require that you wear your mask always, even when you are not in the squared circle. Are you prepared for that?"

"Actually, that would rapidly begin to smell bad if I was wrestling in it and never took it off to wash it."

The interviewer sighed heavily. She'd had this situation before, I think.

"Look, I don't think this is going to work," she said apologetically, "Do you even speak Spanish?"

Maybe I'll try to get a job as a robot instead.

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