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Bring the Sound to the People in a White Truck

I snuck into the back of the office at my old high school career counselor. it was pretty easy to do: I bought a ninja a few drinks, and asked him how he would break into a much better-fortified career counselor's office, then I did that same thing, only, you know, without the ninja skills or the better fortification.

But that's not important. What's important is the TOP SECRET file cabinet I found it the back of the office.

It contains clear, simple, step by step, repeatable instructions, usable by anyone to get into the best careers. Astronaut. Senator. World Famous Poet. Sexy International Jewel Thief. Career Counselor. Cynical Quipping Author. Princess. Jetsetting Playboy. Sports Hero. Retired Technology Pioneer Turned Nightclub Owner.

Best of all: Rockstar

I'll publish the Rockstar steps a little later. In the meantime, though, I really need to borrow sixteen Granny Smith apples, for the first step. Can anyone help me out?
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