Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Jack Frost

It's amazing how easy it is to accept a tragedy, sometimes, when you're focused on the unchanged bigger picture.

That's what happened this weekend, when a chess event I was attending was under attack by armed criminals.

I'm terrible at chess. I mean, I know the rules, and I enjoy it, but after playing for 25 years, I'm still not as good as a talented amateur.

Nonetheless, I get along well with people who are chess players, and this year I attended a holiday event by a bunch of very, very avid chess players.

They have an event every year, and they have a lot of traditions. First, they take a huge brick of hard tofu, rub oil and spices into it, and turn it on a spit over a fire. Then, while everyone's waiting for the dinner to be prepared, there's speeches. Each year, they pick one person to be the speaker of honor. Then everyone else goes on stage and humorously insults them. It's a loving tribute and a great honor, that mockery.

While the speeches were going on, and everyone was laughing and having a good time, peopled busted into the hall with guns, and started shooting. They all wore thick fur coats with hoods, and carried automatic weapons.

But everyone ignored them! The bullets all seemed to miss, hitting dishware and furniture and decorations but never hitting a person.

Then I noticed that the speaker had not even paused in his playful, jocular speech, and the audience was still laughing. The woman of honor, a recently titled Grand Master, was still blushing and laughing along good-heartedly. Caterers, ignoring the automatic weapons, started to bring the food.

The food was delicious, but it was hard to relax and enjoy myself with so much mayhem. Eventually the gunmen, frustrated, left.

Was I just hallucinating?
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