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"Whenever a movie is mentioned or watched inside another movie, it's symbolism. The director or screenwriter has no choice but to make the title of the movie symbolically significant. It's cheap symbolism and facile cultural reference, but there's no way to avoid it," said the salesman last night.

I sighed dismissively, got into my car, and drove away. I put Velvet Underground's "Loaded" in my CD player, which always calms me. This time was different, though. The same CD I'd always loved was different. The first track was the same, but the second track, "Sweet Jane," was completely different. There were cowbells, and the lyrics were different, but it was definitely Lou Reed's voice, and definitely the Velvet Underground. It was strange - not quite the same song.

When I parked my car, I noticed that things were a little different. Shoe sizes were a few millimeters larger. The song of the jaybird was a quarter-note higher. The coefficient R in the equation PV=nRT was about 1% lower. The word "humid" seemed more French somehow, and the primary color red was just a little more orangish than it had been when I got into the car. Serif fonts had slightly more pronounced serifs - nothing huge, just a pixel or two. Cracks in the sidewalk tended to split at wider angles, spinach smelled a little more salty (though it tasted the same), and spoons were a good quarter-inch longer than before. Futons were a little more comfortable, too.

I can't prove a thing, but I'm sure of this. Nobody else says they noticed a difference, so far. Did you?
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