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Big and green and black and grey, there's something about the cathedral that reminds me of coal. Old and clean. Solid and smoky. Cathedrals and charcoal.

But I was getting kind of fed up with secret passageways. "Go into the secret passageway and the man in the iron hat will give you instructions," they said. "Next to the laundry chute in Tanner's Lane is a secret passage - leave the suitcase there when you are sure no one is watching," they said. Doesn't anybody conduct espionage in an overcrowded anonymous café out there? Sheesh. Europe. Always with the secret passageways.

So, this was another S.P. job, as I'd taken to calling them, in my head. I daydreamed about a nice job at the mall as I found the one loose brick in the cathedral wall.

And in I went, through the damp and ancient air of the narrow stone hallway. It was dark, of course, and I couldn't see a thing, but the first rule of this business is this:

Always look casual.

So I sauntered down the corridor, lightly touching the side of the wall to make sure I was walking in the right direction.

I felt the air loosen up and grow colder as the corridor opened up into a larger room. Accustomed to the large, I was aware of sounds - I was surrounded by people.

I feared an ambush, so I reached for my megaphone.

Someone drew a breath.

The lights went on.

Streamers flew everywhere, and party horns.


It was the guys from work! A congratulations party for my promotion and transfer!

Thanks guys!

Best party ever!

It's too bad what we had to do about the witnesses.

What activity do you refuse to do on your birthday?

Please pretend you are a spy.

Who is your favorite saint?

What do you keep in the secret room in your house?

Anyway, it's good to be home.

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