Ted (merovingian) wrote,


"There's one answer to this," he said, "We need to check the Underweb."

The Underweb was Johnny Voodoo's favorite, the invisible dregs of the dreams of Tim Berners-Lee. While Google showed only the shining few - the highly-linked, famous, common gigantic web sites - the Underweb was the opposite. It showed the least-viewed pages, the little backstreams and deer trails of the web. He swore he found forgotten treasures there, but whenever I tried it, all I could find was half-completed personal web pages of fourteen-year-olds, and sometimes when I was lucky an abandoned company ad site. One time I got a cybersquatter's page. Nothing "valuable."

But he swore by it, and, as he'd promised, he managed to find the rubies within six hours.

What's your secret?

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