Ted (merovingian) wrote,

What do you if you are reading a story you don't like (also applicable to movies or radio shows)

1. Every story can be improved by a gorilla who talks and does things that gorillas don't normally do. Replace one of the characters with a gorilla who does and says the same things.

2. If there's dialog, count the number of times each character says "the." Make a bet with friends on which character will use it the most.

3. One of the characters is a serial killer. Figure out which one. Before it's too late.

4. Arbitrarily declare romantic tension between two unlikely characters. Find evidence for it.

5. You are an alien, and will be wiping out everyone alive, except for one character in this show. Decide who to spare, and why.

6. What would a caveman think of the story? What would a friendly dog think?

7. If you see an objects or costumes that attract attention, theorize about what's behind them. The default is "ninja warriors" - figure out who sent them.

8. Now, imagine that this is a musical. Pick good moments for someone to break out in song.

As a sample exercise, apply all of these rules to my most recent LJ entry. Or yours! Or the top of your friends list!

Please suggest another way to spice up a narrative in the space below.

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