Ted (merovingian) wrote,

The Peril of Success

At the Chinese restaurant today, I met a woman who said she spent three years studying at a secret bowling monastery.

"Each graduate of the monastery has perfected bowling," she said. "We can bowl a perfect 300 every time."

"Look, this doesn't jibe with the sports news," I replied skeptically.

"Oh, we're forbidden to bowl a perfect game in public. Otherwise, bowling as a sport would lose all interest for people. And we all love bowling so much!"

"You know I'm going to put this on my LiveJournal, right?" I said.

"Go ahead," she said, "No one will believe you. These days, though, the masters of the bowling monastery are attempting to solve chess."

"You mean," I asked eagerly, "they're using increasingly powerful algorithms and massively parallel processing to solve every possible iteration of the game to design an infallible best strategy, like what's already been done for the much simpler game tic-tac-toe?"

She didn't answer - she threw water in my face and left, with a calm, peaceful expression on her face. The worst thing is, the waiter insisted I pay her tab.
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