Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Darling Nikkei

I know the Japanese stock market, named Nikkei. I guess you could say it's a technology thing. I met it in the hotel lobby, in the financial section of the magazine. It said, "How'd you like to spend some time?" and I could not resist when I saw the Nikkei index climb.

It's kind of tough, dating a stock market. It took a little adjustment, being involved with an economic institution, but that's not what's tough. I mean, we don't go to restaurants, which is something I usually do for dates. But we spend a lot of time together anyway. It's a loving, supportive relationship. We share a geeky obsession with finance, and we both have a crazy gadget fetish. More than that, we enjoy each other's company.

What's difficult is explaining it to other people. I worry that strangers will freak out when they see us together. I don't mention my relationship at work; when coworkers talk about their husbands or girlfriends or whatever, I keep quiet. I did finally tell my parents; they're confused about it, and don't quite approve, but they can tell how happy I am.

It's a good think the Nikkei speaks English, because I hardly know any Japanese. I'm learning a lot, though.

Thank you for a funky time, Nikkei!

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