Ted (merovingian) wrote,

"Let's go get some glass!"

Well, the glass factory was like ten miles outside of town, but we were all totally flying on vasopressin and piracetam, and we wanted to learn to ride our unicycles, so off we went.

Tough ride. Rocky terrain. Hot sun (this was yesterday afternoon).

When we got out there, they were closed, but the dumpster out back was beautiful. I know they're more expensive, but gems have nothing on the broken glass back there. They caught the sun and the sky and the wavy asphalt-heat are and reflected it all and it was like we were underwater.

I don't remember who dared who first, but eventually we were all into it. The glass was so beautiful, so bright like fruit. So we ate it.

You'd be surprised how tasty glass is. It doesn't smell like anything, but it's as tasty as it looks.

So now we're all in the hospital. What pains we take for beauty.
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