Ted (merovingian) wrote,


I love gadgetry, and I seek out others who feel the same. Sometimes, like today, it goes wrong.

"This is a clockwork computer," explained the inventor. "Babbage's design for a difference engine rocked the Victorian hizzouse. My design ia both simpler and more powerful. It includes full voice recognition, fuzzy logic, and remote search. Clockwork is far, far more efficient than circuit boards or even vacuum tubes."

It was just a gear on the table.

"Ask it any question," the inventory said.

"Okay, uh. What is the meaning of love?"

The gear just lay there on the table.

"The output says that love is a slow kiss goodnight, anticipation, imperfection in yourself not bothering you, and waking up to find the person you dreamed about sleeping on your shoulder."

"Are you sure that's not just a poem you found on the web?" I asked the inventor.

"It's right there on the output." The inventor pointed to the gear on the table.

"Okay, then. What the fifth root of six million, three hundred and nineteen thousand, one hundred and six?" I asked cynically.

"The clockwork voice recognition is detecting hostility and doubt. It's not going to answer your question."

It was just a gear on the table.

I would have been a convinced it was a sham...

...except I could feel the gear watching me.

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