Ted (merovingian) wrote,

A Fellow McDeath Omelette Leers

So, moving has been a bit of a tragic mess. I mean that in the classical Shakespearian sense. So far, there's been a king slain by his most trusted advisor, lovers separated by a ludicrous miscommunication, an eerie supernatural being heralding doom, brothers sworn to murder each other, a wandering madman, and a wisecracking drunken guard for weak comic relief.

So, yeah, moving has been going badly.

But, just in the past hour, it got better! My friend Tony owns a giant robot, and he offered to help.

It was pretty easy! His giant robot just ripped my own apartment from where it stood, carried it to the new location, and set it down there. And, because he's such a precise pilot, the lemonade I had sitting on the table inside didn't even spill.

Thanks Tony! You are a lifesaver! I mean that in the classic, Shakespearian sense, too.
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