Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I got the weirdest thing in the mail today.

It was from a "neutral political research team," but the return address was actually (upon quick research) an old abandoned mental hospital.

Please define, using as much political bias as you can, the following term: "capitalism"

Now, please attack, in the most vitriolic and unfair terms you can muster, those who would give a different definition than the one you just gave.

Now, please apologize profusely for the last two answers you gave.

Lastly, the optional checkbox. You can check this check box if you like, but it doesn't really mean anything..

I choose to check this check box.

EDIT: About fifteen minutes after I posted this, the survey disappeared. It has been replaced by a delicious strawberry shortcake. Yay, strawberry shortcake! But I'm not sure how that happened.

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