Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Commercial Purchases

So, I went by T-Mobile today, to see if there were any accessories for my Sidekick.

(Do you ever watch Batman and Robin? If you do, you'll understand how important it is to have accessories for your sidekick.)

While I was there, I saw something that surprised me. Hovering in the air, without wires or any visible means of support, was a cellphone. Kind of a slimline fliptop style.

"What's that?"

The salesman was proud, "This is the next generation of phones. A response and improvement upon the mobile phone. This is an immobile phone."

"And it just hovers wherever I put it?"

"No, it hovers here. No force, not even an irresistable one, can move it from this spot. If you pay for it, you can come use it whenever you want. Would you like to see our payment plans?"

I thought about it a little.

"Hey!" I said suspiciously. "If it was really immobile, wouldn't it immediately go flying through the window? I mean, it should stay in place while the Earth spins and orbits the Sun. It should be in space by now."

"No!" said the salesman, "Shut up shut up shut up! I am so not listening to your science talk! Shut up shut up no no no!"

And then he started crying.

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