Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Meme that's been floating around.

Did this in a few friends' journals, so I'm passing it along. Uh, it might have mutated when I pressed that "Fish Mutator" button, though.

1. Reply with your name and Naked Ayn Mole Rand will respond with something about you.
2. She'll you what movie, book, or hard-packed clay reminds her of you.
3. She'll give you philosophical advice.
4. She will give you instructions for maintaining the burrow, and pay you only in gold, which follows from the Aristotelian principle that A is A.
5. She'll make up a vicious and totally untrue lie about you.
6. She'll tell you what animal you remind her of.
7. She will ask you something she's always wondered about you.
8. If Naked Ayn Mole Rand does this for you, it is not an act of charity, but a celebration of man as a heroic being.

An Explanation

Ayn Rand

This is Ayn Rand. Born on February 2, 1905, to a Jewish family in Russian, Ayn Rand moved to America in 1925 to become a screenwriter and author. Ayn Rand was a controversial author and philosopher, and she put forth a view of politics and epistemology which was radically capitalistic and anti-communist. Ayn Rand held dear the concepts of individualism, rationality, and enlightened selfishness. Her views were typically detailed not in philosophical journals, but in popular fiction, with larger-than-life characters of incredible creative genius (who expressed Ayn's philosophies in dialogue and action, and sometimes in fifty-page radio broadcasts) pitted against a crippling collectivist culture of mean-spirited and weak-willed thugs. Her students and admirers included Nathaniel Branden, Leonard Peikoff, and current U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.

Naked Mole Rat

This is a naked mole rat (Heterocephalus glaber), sometimes called the Sand Puppy. The naked mole rat lives in large underground tunnel colonies in the deserts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. The naked mole rat is a thriving species in in the wild, but, in terms of taxonomy, is extremely unusual. Unlike most mammals, the naked mole rat is cold-blooded; like a reptile, it cannot regulate body temperature, and requires external heat to survive. Socially, naked mole rates are very similar to bees or ants: they live in highly organized eusocial colonies in which only a single female queen and a handful of male consorts are able to reproduce. When the queen dies, all other females compete for the right to become queen and reproduce. The naked mole rat travels backwards as quickly as it travels forward, is incapable of feeling pain, and is nearly blind due to its narrow, poorly-developed eyes. Its teeth are outside its lips, even when it closes its mouth. Those same teeth are capable of burrowing through concrete - this incredible burrowing ability helps the naked mole rat in its native environment of hard-packed clay.

Naked Ayn Mole Rand

This is Naked Ayn Mole Rand, a fusion of the two. Naked Ayn Mole Rand was born to a burrow of Jewish naked mole rats in Kenya, and moved to America in 1925 to become a screenwriter and author. Naked Ayn Mole Rand was a controversial author and rodent, and she put forth a view of politics and epistemology which was radically anti-eusocial. Naked Ayn Mole Rand held dear the concepts of cold-bloodedness, rationality, and narrow poorly-developed eyes. Her teeth are outside her lips, even when she closers her mouth. Only Naked Ayn Mole Rand a handful of male consorts (including Nathaniel Brandon, Leonard Peikoff and current U.S. Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan) are able to reproduce.


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