Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Warm Feet, Typographical Error

"Yep," said the stereo salesman proudly, "This is our top of the line. The John Cage 433SX Elite."

It was a stereo-sized block of well-polished ebony. There were no plugs, speakers or displays, and there was only a single control: a dial labelled "Silence" which scaled from zero to eleven.

"The latest revolution in home sound systems," he said proudly, "Is noise-free high fidelity. The 433SX Elite guarantees no static, no feedback, no interference - perfect sound fidelity."

"But isn't it just a -"

"Too expensive? Maybe, if you're not serious about your silence. But if you want the best - if you're really someone who appreciates peace and quiet - then this is the stereo for you."

"Couldn't I just use a different stereo, and turn it off?" I asked.

He looked shifty and nervous. "Uh..." He fumbled with something in his jacket for a second or two. "Well, uh. No. No, you couldn't."

So I bought it.
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