Ted (merovingian) wrote,

This Has Been Coming For A Long Time

As it turns out, a serious of unexpected mistakes left me locked in this industrial refrigerator, overnight along with Carol Burnett and an international jetsetting werewolf playboy-assassin. They keep bickering at each other, which leaves me time to think.

Specifically, I'm thinking about my username. When I first picked the name "merovingian" I picked it for complicated reasons. But then, a few years later, some popular movie ended up using the same name, and I haven't been able to live it down.

So I'm thinking about changing it.

The first name that comes to mind for me would be mrmildew, as a way to maximize confusion. But I suspect there's several people who would have every right to sue me, or drop me into a meat grinder, if I did that. So I'm kinda stuck.

Suggestions? I should probably figure something out before Carol Burnett starts getting loopy.

Suggest an LJ username to replace "merovingian":

Convince me.

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