Ted (merovingian) wrote,

Jockin' the Phat Beats, Imitatin' and Hatin'

So, it's a few days late, but here's my report of the Sucka MCs convention:

The Sucka MC community has really changed and evolved in the past year, and it shows. The convention this year went beyond the normal seminars on Steppin' Back, Getting Schooled, and Trying to Imitate the Styles of the Grandmaster. Those were there, to be sure, but there was much more.

Sucka MC activism is on the rise. Legal defense for MCs who try to steal rhythms but just can't match the unstoppable beats are a big issue. So is Sucka MC Pride. The Sucka MC self-image is being reinvented as powerful.

"We're Sucka MCs," say the new generation, "And we are not ashamed of our deficient lyrics and lukewarm beats. You can cold serve us, you can school us, and you can straight up diss us, but you cannot stop us."

I also admired the efforts made towards Sucka MC Outreach. The Sucka MC community was very welcoming to allies in the Pwnt community and the Wannabe community, as well as the Kanakawaii community overseas.

All in all, the Sucka MC convention was once again the highlight of this year's uncool event calendar.
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