Ted (merovingian) wrote,

I was at the Goblin Market today, and the guy in line in front of me bought (in his own words) "all the tomes needed to summon a horde of terrible chaotic monsters from beyond reality."

I bought what I was buying (cheesecake) and then confronted him. "Hey, why would you want to do that? You'll be totally hosed if you do."

"Maybe," he said, "and maybe not. They could bring pizza. I mean, they're chaotic monsters. What if I'm hungry, and it's late, and all the pizza delivery places are closed? I'll be glad I have these tomes, you betchya."

He seemed pretty sane. I mean, he was wearing the shoes of a sane person. When he's wearing sane shoes, could his plan really be that irrational?

I sighed. "Okay, but what about the moral implications?"

"You know, I've been thinking about that. Every society's morals are codified into simple common phrases. Waste not want not. Love they neighbor. A pound for a pound. Sometimes there's contradictory sayings, but that shows moral ambivalence in the society. Morality is trafficked in cliches."

He forgot to put the accent on the E when he said that. Don't blame me.

"But there's no society that has the saying, 'Don't summon a horde of terrible chaotic monsters from beyond reality,' so I figure it's okay."

I'm guessing that he stole those shoes.
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