Ted (merovingian) wrote,


"You see," said the president, "The label on this scotch says it's twelve year single-malt whiskey, but that's not true. It doesn't mention scotch, of course, because this whiskey is actually Japanese. But it's also a lot older than twelve years. U.S. law requires that you list the youngest ingredient. Most of this whiskey is much older, as you can tell by the flavor."

It was incredibly mellow, I had to admit.

"When General Macarthur invaded Japan, he had barrels of single-malt whiskey brought in for the officers and stored in Nagasaki. The whiskey became toxic and radioactive, and a very furious general Macarthur buried the whiskey underground. Nearly sixty years later, someone dug up the barrels during a housing project. In the intervening time, the whiskey had become safe to drink. They diluted it some with a decent 12-year whiskey, bottled it and sold it. And that's what you're drinking today. Sixty year old single malt whiskey, once toxic with radiation from the Bomb, but now safe to drink."

Am I going to grow a tentacle? If so, for whom?
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